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Thursday, 29 October 2015

India-Africa Engaged in Struggle to Eliminate Poverty

India-Africa Engaged in Struggle to Eliminate Poverty: Swaraj

NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday reiterated the role of India and Africa in eliminating poverty and uplifting people in both the countries.

“Today India and Africa are engaged in a vital struggle to eliminate poverty and uplift our people, both the countries are the most rapidly developing growing economies in the world,” Swaraj said while speaking at the India-Africa forum summit here.

“How can we expect legitimacy from a structure that excludes the African continent and a country with a population of 1.2 billion?” she added.

The External Affairs Minister also called for a greater cooperation on counter terrorism, and urged for the adoption of Comprehensive Convention against International Terrorism.
India-Africa Engaged in Struggle to Eliminate Poverty

India-Africa Engaged in Struggle to Eliminate Poverty

Gk 2016, current affairs 2016

Gk 2016, current affairs 2016

1.Who is the 2011 Census Commissioner of India?
– C. Chandramouli

2.What is the total population of India according to
2011 census? – 121 crore

3.Which is the most populous state in India? –
Uttar Pradesh

4.Which is the least populous state in India? -

5.What is the rate of growth of population of India
according to 2011 census? – 17.64

6.Which state has highest fertility rate in India? -

7.Literacy rate in India according to Census 2011?
– 74.04%

8.Male Literacy rate in India according to Census
2011? – 82.14%

9.Female Literacy rate in India according to Census
2011?- 65.46%

10.Which is the most literate state in India? –
Kerela (93.9%)

11.Which is the least literate state in India? –
Bihar ( 63.82%)

12.Which is the most literate Union territory in
India? – Lakshwadeep (92.2%)

13.Which is the least literate Union territory in
India? – Dadar & Nagar haveli

14.Which state has high density of population? –
Bihar (1102)

15.Which state has low density of population? –
Arunachal Pradesh(17)

16.Which state has highest sex ratio? – Kerela

17.Which state has lowest sex ratio? - Haryana

18.What is the density of Population of India? -

19.What is the sex ratio of India? – 940/1000

20.Which Union territory has highest sex ratio? -

21.Which Union territory has lowest sex ratio? -

22.What is the number of districts in India
according to census 2011? - 640

23.Which state has highest rural population
according to census 2011? – Uttar Pradesh

24.Which state has lowest rural population
according to census 2011? - Sikkim

25.Which state has highest urban population
according to census 2011? - Maharashtra

26.Which state has lowest urban population
according to census 2011? – Sikkim

27.The motto of census 2011 was? - Our Census,
Our future

Monday, 26 October 2015

current affairs

current affairs

1.Pakistan with which country recently signed a
major agreement to build a 1,100-kilometre as
pipeline from Lahore to Karachi at an estimated
cost of $2 billion - Russia

2.Vijay Kumar Malhotra is the new President of the
All India Council of Sports

3.International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is
observed on - 17th October

4.Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Retail has
announced that it will start selling 4G LTE
smartphones under the LYF brand.

5.Theme of International Day of the Eradication of
Poverty 2015 is Building.

6.Expand NATO - North Atlantic Treaty

7.Shrihari Aney has been recently appointed as
Maharashtra’s new advocate general

Friday, 16 October 2015

India launching satellite for singapore

India launch six satellite for Singapore in December

"The 500 kg dedicated satellite (TeLOS-1)will be a commercial launch for Singapore Technologies Electronics Ltd while five other smaller satellites are from Singapore universities," Indian space agency's commercial arm Antrix Corporation chairman and managing director V.S. Hegde said in Bengaluru.
The polar satellite launch vehicle (PSLV), the most reliable workhorse and trusted rocket of the Indian Space Research and Organisation (ISRO), will deploy the satellites into a near equatorial orbit, inclined 15 degrees lower to the south of equator.

As Singapore has a cloudy weather most of the year, the observatory satellite will be put in a sun-synchronous polar orbit 550 km above the earth so that it could transmit signals round-the-clock, cloud disturbances notwithstanding," Hegde said on the margins of a defence and aerospace seminar.
According to the company subsidiary, (Satcom & Sensor Systems Pte Ltd), its first commercial satellite will carry an electro-optical camera capable of taking images at ground resolution of one metre.
"The observatory spacecraft will be used disaster and environment monitoring, maritime safety, urban planning and homeland security," Hegde noted.
The remote sensing satellite's positioning in the unique near equatorial orbit also allows its frequent revisits to areas of interest in equatorial regions at 96-minute intervals, delivering high data availability and responsiveness.
India will also launch another 900 kg dedicated communication satellite (Aisat) for the German space agency (GLR) in 2016 from its spaceport at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
"Of the 23 satellites we have commercially contracted for launches in the earth's lower orbit from nine developed and developing countries, 21 smaller, micro and nano type are from Algeria, Canada, Indonesia, Japan and the US for communication, remote sensing, observational activities," Hegde added.
With demand for launching 1,500 satellites for various space and science applications from countries the world over, India is ramping up its capacity to launch as many of them, in view of its cost competitiveness and record expertise in sending them in lower orbits using PSLV over the decades.
Earlier, Hegde addressed a gathering of about 300 scientists, engineers, technologists and students of aeronautics at a seminar on "Developing and sustaining a vibrant R&D for aerospace and defence sector', organised in memory of late former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam here by the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries.

India launching satellite for singapore

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pallava dynasity History

History of pallava dynasity:

There are many dynasity in india but every dynasity came to an end by fighting among them self . but in case of pallava dynasity the dynasity created history still now like cholas. the founder of pallava dynasity was Shimha vishnu who then known as the great king in history who continuously fought with chola dynasity and chalukya dynasity. but simha vishnu was defeated by pulakesin 1 , after that simha vishu son mahendravarman took the throne and started building the stone cut temple at 7th century which is now at mahabaliburam . this was started by him but in the mean while he was defeated by pulakesin 2 and he died . after him his son narasimhavarman took the throne and defeated pulakesin 2 and made a great victory , at last chalukya dynasity came to an end. after his victory he started completing the cave temple (mahabaliburam) then this was now known by the world wide peoples , because every statue was created from a single rock and made a history for pallava dynasity.
Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History

Pallava  dynasity History

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The awaiting judgment for adhar card

Today the judgement day 

The supreme court is decided to announce the judgement for Adhar card by today afternoon , the case was dealing with the importance of Adhar for a citizen. one part of people says that the poor peoples are made to miss use there author for money but the another part of people said that the Adhar is necessary for a citizen to get all his rights and needs from government . this case made a big question mark among people to thing that Adhar is necessary or not . to over come this problem supreme court is going to give the judgement by today.
The awaiting judgment for adhar  card

The awaiting judgment for adhar  card

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Government wants panic button in mobile phones for women safety

Maneka Gandhi decision

The women and children development minister Maneka Gandhi took a new decision to safe guard women and childrens in india. maneka gandhi asked all mobile manufacturing companies to provide a panic button in order to get alert of any danger. she asked to look for a feasibility to provide such a option button in all mobile phones in order to safeguard womens. this panic button helps when any problem occurred to a women in midnight or under a danger situation. she can use this button , this button will automatically send messages to all her contacts to alert them about her situation and also it helps in finding out the exact place from where she pressed the panic button.this also helps police to trace her as soon as possible, this plan will surely reduce the crime rate in india and make India a secure place for women and children.

Government wants panic button in mobile phones for women safety

Government wants panic button in mobile phones for women safety

Government wants panic button in mobile phones for women safety